What is a Tech.Pass? Application process, Criteria and Eligibility.

The Tech.Pass is a work pass that is administered by the Economic Development Board (EDB). It is a relatively new work pass which was announced at the end of 2020. Singapore opened applications for Tech.Pass at the beginning of 2021. The Singapore Tech.Pass scheme was introduced with the intention to recruit foreign tech expertise to [...]

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Refining the job interview process

Talent recruitment is a very tedious task. Very few get it right despite the fact that all operating companies have to hire. Usually, if there is a poor fit, the recruited talent will either be underutilised or underappreciated. The term a round peg in a square hole comes to mind when we speak about an [...]

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What is the Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS)?

In line with the changes to the Employment Pass (EP) criteria announced, the Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS) will be implemented from 1st September 2023 for new applications and renewals from 1st September 2024. This means that in addition to meeting the qualifying salary, the applicant must also pass the COMPASS framework to obtain their EP. [...]

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The Singapore Dependant’s Pass Scheme

The Singapore Dependant's Pass Scheme allows a selected family member of an Employment Pass, S Pass, EntrePass or Personalised Employment Pass holder to obtain a visa to live in Singapore. The Singapore Dependant Pass is valid so long as the holder of the Singapore working visa is actively working in Singapore and the working visa [...]

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