Why does MOM ask for the company’s financial position when applying for an Employment Pass for a candidate?

Recently, a company asked us why the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) asked for the company's financial position when applying for an Employment Pass (EP). This is the scenario. A company incorporated last year approached our employment agency to apply for an EP for a potential candidate. This candidate's proposed salary was $8,500 thereabouts (keeping the [...]

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What are the benefits of working in Singapore?

There are many benefits to working in Singapore, including: High standard of living: Singapore is known for its high standard of living, with modern infrastructure, excellent healthcare facilities, and low crime rates. Competitive salaries: The city-state has a thriving economy and offers competitive salaries, particularly in the finance, technology, and engineering sectors. Tax-friendly environment: Singapore [...]

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I am moving to Singapore and I need to find a property to rent. What should I do?

We are assuming that you have already gotten your relevant work pass or long-term pass to enter and live in Singapore. Our company also provides settling-in services where we arrange property agents who are well versed in the various areas which are popular with tenants from various parts of the world. We can also arrange [...]

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How is the education system in Singapore compared to the rest of the world?

Singapore's education system is widely regarded as one of the best in the world. The country has consistently performed well in international education rankings and is known for its rigorous academic standards, strong emphasis on student achievement, and commitment to providing quality education to all its citizens. Some of the key features of the education [...]

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What is the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (Tafep)?

Tafep, the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices, plays a key role in preventing workplace discrimination in Singapore. It does this by promoting equal employment opportunities and providing guidance on fair and progressive employment practices to employers and employees. Tafep provides guidance on various aspects of employment, such as recruitment, selection, promotion, and [...]

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Frequently asked questions by foreigners who are considering moving to Singapore

Here are some questions and answers we have compiled. These questions were posed to us by foreigners wanting to know more about living and working in Singapore. Question: Is Singapore a country that is friendly to foreigners? Answer: Singapore is generally considered a friendly and welcoming place for foreigners. The city-state has a diverse population [...]

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Is Singapore a good place to live and work?

Singapore is widely regarded as one of the best places to live and work in the world. It offers many benefits, including: High standard of living: Singapore has a high standard of living, with a stable and efficient economy, excellent infrastructure, and a clean and safe environment. Multicultural society: Singapore is a multicultural society, with [...]

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How can a foreigner obtain Singapore permanent residency?

A foreign national can obtain Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) through several schemes offered by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore. The most common routes to obtaining PR in Singapore are: Employment Pass: Foreigners who are employed in Singapore and earning a high salary may be eligible for PR through the Employment Pass scheme. [...]

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How long is the fair consideration framework (FCF) job advertisement requirement?

The fair consideration framework (FCF) job advertisement requirement is a requirement that companies will need to meet before they are allowed to submit an EP application to fill that position. For example, if a position is vacant in the company, that position will have to be advertised by the company for a certain period of [...]

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