Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: A Strategic Imperative

The notions of diversity and inclusion (D&I) have transcended mere buzzwords, evolving into a substantial industry-wide pursuit. Across the globe, employers are allocating increased resources to D&I initiatives, resulting in the emergence of specialized roles dedicated to fostering inclusivity. These roles encompass guiding transformative change for the establishment of more inclusive organizations, sourcing talent from [...]

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Revised Verification Requirements for Employment Pass Applications

Revised Verification Requirements for Employment Pass Applications With the implementation of COMPASS, there will be updated verification requirements for both new and renewal Employment Pass (EP) applications. The following table outlines the verification evidence needed for qualifications at the post-secondary diploma level and beyond. For New EP Applications: Prior to September 1, 2023: Verification evidence [...]

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What is Re-Employment?

With an increasingly aging population and a growing number of Singaporeans opting to remain part of the workforce for an extended period, it is essential for older employees to enhance their understanding of their rights. Similarly, employers need to develop a heightened awareness of their responsibilities concerning re-employment after employees reach retirement age. This article [...]

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Revisions in S Pass Eligibility Criteria

Revisions in S Pass Eligibility Criteria The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is set to enhance the qualifications for S Pass holders by progressively increasing the qualifying salaries and levies. This move aims to elevate the quality of S Pass holders to rank among the top one-third of our local Associate Professionals and Technicians (APT) workforce. [...]

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Can Employers instruct workers to work overtime and not pay them?

Employers are not allowed to instruct workers to work overtime and then withhold their rightful payment for those extra hours. Although working overtime can lead to a higher paycheck, some employers take advantage of their employees' dedication by disregarding their entitlement to fair compensation. Most employees who work overtime are compensated for the additional hours, [...]

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