The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is a government agency within the Philippine executive department established to encourage and oversee the development of Filipino human resources abroad. Operating under the management of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), POEA provides services such as facilitating employment opportunities, offering placement assistance, providing training, and ensuring follow-up services for both employers and employees across various international locations.

Over the past 40 years since its inception, POEA has executed numerous functions aligned with its mission. It has absorbed responsibilities from several other agencies, amalgamating the functions of the Overseas Employment Development Board (OEDB), the National Seamen Board (NSB), and the Bureau of Employment Service (BES), and integrating services from seven different offices into a single Department of Migrant Workers (DMW). As an executive agency, POEA has substantially expanded its coverage, functions, and core responsibilities. This article provides an overview of these details, encompassing the goals and services offered by POEA.

Core Functions and Responsibilities

POEA’s core functions and associated responsibilities include:

1. Industry Regulation:
– Setting labor standards
– Issuing licenses for overseas recruitment agencies and ship manning companies
– Monitoring job vacancies
– Implementing incentive and penalty systems
– Adjudicating cases involving non-monetary violations

2. Employment Facilitation:
– Registering, accrediting, and approving foreign principals and employers
– Creating and maintaining workers’ registry
– Processing and evaluating contracts
– Dispatching technical marketing missions
– Strengthening linkages with the education and training sector
– Enforcing policies on skills competencies deployment of workers
– Forming intercountry linkages through coordination with host governments

3. Worker’s Protection:
– Providing educational training
– Conducting anti-illegal recruitment activities
– Offering pre-employment and pre-deployment orientation-seminars
– Providing preventive and remedial technical and legal assistance
– Implementing on-site gender-sensitive programs
– Facilitating business and organizational networks
– Assisting in repatriation

4. General Administration and Support Services:
– Human Resources development
– Property and Supplies Management
– Financial Management
– Information and Communication Technology
– Plans and Policy development
– Quality Management Systems related to overseas employment development and regulation

Common Services Available at the POEA Office

The POEA office provides services categorized as OFW services and Licensed Recruitment Agency (LRA) services, including:

OFW Services:
– Registration of Land Based Applicants
– Registration of Seafarers
– Documentation of Direct Hire Professionals and Skilled Workers
– Documentation of Direct Hire Household Service Workers
– Documentation of Government Hired Workers
– Documentation of Workers-On-Leave (Balik-Manggagawa)
– Verification of License of Agencies and Job Orders
– Legal Assistance
– Filing/Docketing of Cases

LRA Services:
– Issuance of New License of Recruitment Agencies
– Renewal of License of Recruitment Agencies
– Registration/Accreditation of Land Based Principals/Employers
– Registration/Accreditation of Sea based Principals/Employers and Enrolment of Ships
– Documentation of Land Based Agency-Hired Workers
– Documentation of Agency-Hired Seafarers
– Issuance of Job Fair Authority (JFA)
– Issuance of Special Recruitment Authority (SRA) and Letter of Acknowledgement (LOA)


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