What is Man-year entitlement (MYE)?

In addition to complying with dependency ratio requirements, migrant workers in the construction and process sectors, excluding those from Malaysia and North Asian source (NAS) countries/regions, are obligated to meet Man-Year Entitlement (MYE) criteria. MYE serves as a Work Permit allocation system specifically designed for workers from non-traditional source (NTS) countries/regions and the People’s Republic [...]

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Upcoming Changes for Construction and Processing Sector

The government has been actively aiding the Construction and Process sectors during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Notably, to assist firms grappling with increased manpower costs due to limited worker inflow, foreign worker levy rebates of $250 per Work Permit holder (WPH) have been implemented in these sectors. Recognizing the acute worker shortages, immediate measures are [...]

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What is a Training Employment Pass?

If you're a foreign national seeking an internship or training opportunity in Singapore, you'll require what is commonly known as a Singapore internship visa, officially referred to as a Training Employment Pass (TEP). Issued by the Ministry of Manpower, the TEP enables foreign nationals to undergo practical training for professional, managerial, executive, or specialist roles [...]

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Employment Of Foreign Manpower Act: Essential Considerations Before Hiring Foreign Workers In Singapore

Employing foreign talent is a crucial aspect that fosters business growth and brings diverse skill sets to your SME. To engage skilled foreign workers, certain statutory requirements must be met by employers in the employment contract when hiring employees in Singapore. The Employment Act governs the employer-employee relationship in Singapore, and the terms of an [...]

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