Singapore Work Pass Exempt Activities

This page provides information on the types of activities in Singapore that do not require a work pass, subject to specific conditions. Work Pass Exempt Activities in Singapore Singapore, a dynamic country continually reinventing itself in economic and commercial spheres, also places great emphasis on fostering a thriving society encompassing arts, culture, and sports. As [...]

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Miscellaneous Work Pass for Singapore

To work in Singapore, individuals must obtain a Singapore work permit or pass that aligns with their skill set or intended work. If you are required to travel to Singapore for a short-term work assignment lasting up to 60 days, you will need to acquire a Miscellaneous Work Pass. Eligibility for a Miscellaneous Work Pass [...]

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How to Obtain SingPass for Foreign Individuals?

How to Obtain SingPass for Foreign Individuals? Since April 11, 2021, the login process for CorpPass now requires users to verify their identity through SingPass in order to access government digital services for conducting transactions. When logging in to CorpPass, you will be directed to authenticate through SingPass, enabling you to gain access to digital [...]

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Can Work Pass holders drive public roads for work?

Can Work Pass holders drive on public roads for work? Work Pass holders are permitted to drive on Singapore roads for work under the following conditions: Work Permit (WP) holders in the Process, Construction, or Marine shipyard sectors: They must possess a valid driving license recognized by the Traffic Police. They must be engaged in [...]

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