This page provides information on the types of activities in Singapore that do not require a work pass, subject to specific conditions.

Work Pass Exempt Activities in Singapore

Singapore, a dynamic country continually reinventing itself in economic and commercial spheres, also places great emphasis on fostering a thriving society encompassing arts, culture, and sports. As a result, Singapore has become a hub for international talents, offering a platform for performances, exchanges, and exhibitions. In line with Singapore’s evolving role as a regional center for creative industries and conventions, the Ministry of Manpower has established exemptions for certain temporary activities undertaken by foreigners. The following is an overview of these provisions.


Under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, foreigners can engage in specific activities in Singapore without a work pass, provided certain conditions are met. The Ministry of Manpower allows foreigners to participate in these exempted activities while holding a valid Short-Term Visit Pass.

However, the engagement in such activities should not exceed 60 days and requires prior notification to the Ministry of Manpower. If a person performs these exempt activities for more than 60 days, they must obtain a valid work pass.

It is important to note that this exemption does not waive any other legal obligations in Singapore. Foreigners performing at establishments with a Public Entertainment License (PEL), such as bars, clubs, and pubs, must hold a work permit valid for six months.

List of Work Pass Exempt Activities

  • Performance: Artists, including actors, singers, instrumentalists, musicians, or key support staff, performing in events organized or supported by the government, statutory bodies, or public events.
  • Journalism or Media Activities: Individuals covering events supported by the government or statutory bodies.
  • Sports Activities: Sports persons, including coaches, umpires, or support staff, participating in events supported by the government or statutory bodies. However, foreigners engaged by Singaporean organizations through contracts require a valid work pass.
  • Filming & Fashion Shows Activities: Crew members involved in location filming or fashion shows, including photographers, models, and directors.
  • Seminars & Conference Activities: Individuals organizing, moderating, or speaking in seminars, conferences, or workshops that are not religious, communal, or political in nature.
  • Provision of Specialized Skills: Experts providing services in commissioning or auditing new plants, or personnel with specialized skills in the installation, dismantling, transfer, repair, or maintenance of equipment, processes, or machines in existing plants. These specialized skills should be unavailable in Singapore, or the personnel should be authorized service personnel of the equipment supplier or manufacturer.
  • Exhibitions: Foreign exhibitors or traders participating in exhibitions or trade fairs. Note that makeshift stalls are not included, and participants in trade fairs requiring a Trade Fair Permit under the Environmental Public Health Act are not eligible for this exemption.
  • Arbitration or Mediation Services: Arbitrators or mediators engaged in matters unrelated to religion, race, community, or politics are exempted from the work pass requirement.
  • Junket Activities: Foreign junket promoters, either self-employed or employed by a foreign junket promoter, engaged in activities related to the promotion or conduct of junkets in a casino. These individuals must hold a valid junket representative license issued by the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA).
  • Tour Facilitation: Foreigners performing activities directly related to tour facilitation, including tour leaders or facilitators employed by foreign companies. These activities involve providing logistical support to visiting tour groups and ensuring the smooth execution of the tour itinerary.

Notification Requirement

Foreigners engaging in any of the above work pass exempted activities must promptly notify the Ministry of Manpower before their engagement. Upon arrival, they need to obtain a Short Term Visit Pass from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore. Subsequently, they must notify the Ministry of Manpower by submitting the following information online:

  • Personal Particulars: Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality, Passport/travel document number, Passport/travel document expiry date
  • Disembarkation/Embarkation card number
  • Short Term Visit Pass expiry date
  • Type of activity to be performed
  • Period of activity (start date and end date)

Notification of Extension of Stay

If an extension of stay beyond the original time period is required, it must be promptly notified to the Ministry of Manpower by resubmitting the notification online and updating the travel document number and expiry date.

Foreigners notifying their extension of stay must meet the following requirements:

  • The extension must be requested before the end date of the activity indicated in the initial notification.
  • The applicant must possess a valid Short-Term Visit Pass covering the extended period and should extend it with the ICA before filing the extension notification.
  • The total duration of the activity must not exceed 60 days.


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