In the realm of employment passes, candidates filling roles featured on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) have the opportunity to earn points within the C5. Skills bonus category. But what exactly is the SOL, and how does it affect Employment Pass (EP) applications?

Understanding the SOL

The SOL is a comprehensive listing of all positions that are eligible for consideration under the COMPASS C5. Skills bonus.

Qualifying for C5. Skills Bonus

To access the C5. Skills bonus, the following criteria must be met:

– Your candidate must perform the specific job duties associated with the shortage occupation.
– Additional requirements pertinent to the specific shortage occupation must be satisfied.
– When submitting your EP application, you must select the relevant shortage occupation.

Identifying Shortage Occupations for the SOL

The SOL is a product of joint efforts between the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), crafted in consultation with sector agencies and tripartite partners. The selection of occupations for inclusion in the SOL is meticulously based on:

– Their strategic significance in alignment with Singapore’s economic priorities.
– The extent and nature of labor shortages associated with each occupation.
– The sector’s commitment to fostering local talent pipelines to address these shortages over the medium term.

Selecting Shortage Occupations in EP Applications

To secure C5. Skills Bonus points, the following steps are essential:

– Candidates should designate one of the eligible job titles found in the EP application form. This should align with the occupation presented in the job advertisement on MyCareersFuture, unless you are exempted from the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) job advertising requirement.
– Your application must fulfill the additional requirements specific to the shortage occupation. This may encompass presenting relevant qualifications (uploaded under the qualifications section of the EP application form), relevant job title work experience (selected under the work experience section in the EP application form), and registration proof (uploaded in the agency support question in the EP application form).

SOL Updates

The SOL is a dynamic entity, with occupations potentially added or removed on an annual basis to remain responsive to shifting market conditions. The next update is slated for March 2024 and will be effective from September 2024. To maintain its relevancy, the SOL undergoes a comprehensive review every three years.

It’s crucial to note that SOL updates do not impact the duration of existing EPs. This SOL will be applicable from 1 September 2023 to all new EP applications and to renewals of EPs expiring from 1 September 2024.

SOL Occupations by Sector

Here’s a snapshot of SOL occupations by sector:

– Alternative protein food application scientist
– Novel food biotechnologist

Financial Services
– Financial/investment adviser (ultra-high/high net worth, family office & philanthropy)

Green Economy
– Carbon project/program manager
– Carbon standards and methodology analyst
– Carbon trader
– Carbon verification and audit specialist

– Clinical psychologist
– Diagnostic radiographer
– Occupational therapist
– Physiotherapist
– Registered nurse

Infocomm Technology
– AI scientist/engineer
– Applications/systems programmer
– Cloud specialist
– Cyber risk specialist
– Cybersecurity architect
– Cybersecurity operations specialist
– Data scientist
– Digital forensics specialist
– Penetration testing specialist
– Product manager (digital)
– Software and applications manager (technical lead/supervisor)
– Software developer
– Web and mobile applications developer

– Marine superintendent
– Marine technical superintendent

As businesses navigate Singapore’s evolving employment landscape, understanding the nuances of the SOL and its impact on EP applications becomes increasingly crucial for employers and candidates alike.


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