The Settling-In Programme (SIP) is a mandatory one-day programme for all first-time foreign domestic workers (FDWs). The SIP is an orientation session to equip all participating FDWs with the basic knowledge about living and working in Singapore. The modules that are taught at the SIP include:

  1. Introduction to Singapore;
  2. Conditions of employment;
  3. Safety at home;
  4. Safety in other areas;
  5. Relationship and stress management

The Safety Awareness Course will be subsumed under the SIP. The SIP will be conducted in the FDW’s native language as this will allow the FDW to better understand and retain the required information.

Who has to attend the SIP?

All first-time FDWs have to attend the SIP.

A first-time FDW is one who:

  1. Has no employment record with MOM’s Work Pass Division; or
  2. Has Work Permit records with MOM but did not collect her Work Permit cards previously. This includes Foreign Domestic Workers who have worked in Singapore for brief periods in the past, or who have applied for Work Permits but did not eventually work in Singapore.

When must the FDW attend the SIP?

They must attend the SIP within 3 working days of their arrival in Singapore, excluding the day of arrival.

Working days are Mondays to Saturdays, excluding Sundays and public holidays.

How much does the SIP cost?

The SIP costs $75 per FDW.

Who bears the course fee?

The cost of the SIP will be borne by the employer of the FDW.

What happens to the FDW if the FDW does not attend the SIP?

FDWs who fail to attend the SIP within 3 working days of arrival in Singapore excluding the day of arrival will not be issued their Work Permits and will be repatriated.

Note: The SIP was implemented on 1 May 2012. There is no need to take the Entry Test and/or attend the Safety Awareness Course (SAC) anymore.

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