The Letter of Consent (LOC) remains in force as long as the associated visa pass, such as the Dependant Pass (DP) or LTVP / LTVP+, remains valid. Here are key considerations for renewing the Letter of Consent (LOC):

  1. Dependant Pass Holders: Dependant Pass holders can request their employer to renew their Letter of Consent (LOC) when renewing their Dependant Pass (DP). The renewal application can be submitted up to six months before the LOC’s expiration date.
  2. LTVP / LTVP+ Holders: LTVP / LTVP+ holders can also apply for LOC renewal up to six months before the LOC’s expiration date. However, before applying, ensure that the LTVP / LTVP+ has a validity of at least three months. If it’s not valid for three months, the pass holder must first renew the LTVP / LTVP+ before applying for a Letter of Consent (LOC) renewal.
  3. Early Renewal: When a Letter of Consent (LOC) is renewed in advance, the remaining days on the current LOC are not lost. Instead, the renewed LOC period will commence after the current pass expires.
  4. Requestor: Only the employer of the pass holder or a licensed employment agent can initiate the Letter of Consent (LOC) renewal request.
  5. Submission: The renewal request for the Letter of Consent (LOC) must be submitted through the Employment Pass (EP) online system.
  6. Policy Changes: It’s important to note that foreign manpower policies undergo regular updates. Obtaining a Letter of Consent (LOC) in the past does not guarantee approval for its renewal, as policies may change.
  7. Approval Notification: Upon approval of the Letter of Consent (LOC) renewal, you will receive an in-principle letter of approval.
  8. Processing Times: The renewal process typically takes up to three weeks for Dependant Pass holders and one week for LTVP / LTVP+ holders.


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