If you are a foreigner and would like to work in Singapore, there are various work passes that are eligible to you. You will need to fulfil certain criteria to be eligible for these passes.

Employment Pass or EP

Who is this pass for?
This pass is available to professionals, managers, executives and specialists.

Eligibility criteria
– Young graduates from good institutions could qualify if they are offered a contract with a salary of at least SGD$4,500 (effective 1st September 2020) or at least SGD$5,000 in the financial sector (effective 1st December 2020.
– Older applicants would have to command higher salaries and have the relevant job experience and speciality skills to qualify for an EP.
– The applicant should possess acceptable qualifications from reputable institutions.


Who is this pass for?
This pass is for foreign entrepreneurs who want to set up new businesses in Singapore.

Eligibility criteria
– The company must be registered as a Private Company Limited by Shares with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.
– The company must not be registered for more than six months at the point of registration.
– The applicant must meet at least one of the following criteria
i) have funding from a government accredited venture capitalist (VC)
ii) holds an intellectual property
iii) holds significant business experience, has a strong business network and has a promising entrepreneurial track record
iv) has extensive experience and technical competency in the area of the proposed business or trade
v) has a good track record of investing in businesses and would like to grow new or existing businesses in Singapore
vi) is in research collaboration with A*STAR or a university
vii) is an incubatee at a government-supported incubator

Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)

Who is this pass for?
This pass is available to professionals, managers, executives and specialists.

Eligibility criteria
For overseas foreign professionals
– The last drawn monthly salary of the overseas foreign professional should be at least SGD$18,000. This last drawn salary should be no longer than six months from the time of the application.

For current Employment Pass (EP) holders
– The EP holder must earn at least SGD$12,000 a month.

S Pass

Who is this pass for?
This pass is for mid-level skilled workers

Eligibility criteria
– fixed monthly salary of at least SGD$2,500
– possesses the relevant educational qualifications

Note that there are hiring quotas for companies to employ foreigners on S Pass. There are levies that the companies may have to pay to the Ministry of Manpower.

Work Permit

Who is this pass for?
This pass is for semi or unskilled foreign workers in the construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process or services sector

Eligibility criteria
– only from approved source country or region designated by the Ministry of Manpower.
– minimum age of 18 years old.


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