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If you are looking for a job, please fill out the form on our website https://singaporeemploymentagency.com/. Click on the red button “I’M LOOKING FOR A JOB”.

Please note that we receive many applicants daily. We do not actively look for jobs for applicants. If an employer reaches out to us and there is a match, then we will contact you.

For an overview of the various work passes, please refer to this article: https://singaporeemploymentagency.com/an-overview-of-the-various-work-passes-for-foreigners/

Do note that there were changes (1st September 2023) to the Employment Pass (EP) framework. Please refer to this article for the changes to understand how the Ministry of Manpower will assess an applicant’s suitability in obtaining an EP: https://singaporeemploymentagency.com/what-is-the-complementarity-assessment-framework-compass/

Do note that many foreigners have difficulty finding a job in Singapore. YOU MAY NOT BE THE ONLY ONE. It is the situation currently. Please read this article. We explain why it is so difficult to find a job and what are the options available: https://singaporeemploymentagency.com/i-cannot-find-a-job-in-singapore-how-can-i-get-a-valid-work-pass/

If you are looking to set up a Singapore company and apply for a valid Singapore work pass to live and work in Singapore, do refer to this article: https://www.singaporesecretaryservices.com/can-i-set-up-a-company-in-singapore-and-apply-for-a-valid-work-pass/

This is a guide for foreigners looking to set up a company in Singapore: https://www.singaporesecretaryservices.com/how-to-set-up-a-singapore-company-a-guide-for-foreigners/

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